How authentic are branded watches sold online?

Wristwatches never go out of style. They have been in trend since 18’s or before that. A watch sure talks a lot about your personality. It makes you look more reliable and organized.

Watches Are Elegant Accessories To Represent Your Style.

Watches always make a great gift to present to somebody. Gifting a watch to someone is an impression of deep bonding. Besides, a watch lover understands the cool and aesthetic feeling of wearing a watch.

There are various branded and fancy watches for girls, women, and men available online at affordable and cheaper prices.

We understand your concern; you’d definitely wonder about shopping online. So, do not worry! We are here to guide you through all your doubts and help you decide the best source/site to buy the latest and luxurious watches online.


Facts that must be considered before you order watches online:

  1. Is Buying Watches Online Safe

We often come across this question all the time while shopping for watches online.

You’re absolutely right about this. You need to be sure before any online purchase. Always cross-check and verify before spending your savings.

But how can you be sure before buying watches online?

Online shopping sure has increased overwhelmingly in years. People are most likely to rely upon online shopping for buying both branded watches and other accessories.

Whenever you think of buying something online, your instant impulse would be to approach Amazon, Snapdeal, or Flipkart. Why? Because these are considered as the global trustworthy service providers.

But how much faith can you have in these online service providers?

After all, these are just a third party/outsource, where different sellers from all over the world come together on a single platform to sell their products.

Besides these, there are several other customer services and e-commerce or direct watch-sellers available on the internet.

We have surveyed customer reviews from Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal from online watch buyers and concluded the following.

Buying watches online has many benefits from these sites but read on to know about dark side of it.

Yes, Amazon/ Flipkart /Snapdeal is a renowned sales and delivery working organization. It is a wide network that connects the whole world at a single platform for better Service Providing and Business. But that said, the global network is just a platform and irresponsible for any lacking service or product defaults.

Some known issues faced by the online watch buyers are-

Copy Watches:

One of the major concern buying watches from these sites is that of "Copy Watches". Yes, this may be shocking but most of the products that are sold on these sites under the name of brands that are well established may be second copy or fake. observes from its offline network of around 300 stores that watches that are bought to the nearest store for size adjustment or in case of watch not working, it is observed that most of these watches are copy watches with low quality movements/machine, low quality case material and cheap straps. Customer when buying online pays Original Price thinking its Original product.

But you may be wondering why do these mega e-commerce companies sell copy watches? Frankly these e-commerce companies absolutely have no control on what is being sold because literally anyone can sell on these sites and that opens up these loop holes.

No Customer Care Support:

  • When one purchase watches on these sites, they can see that 15 days return policy exists on most of these sites. And that's the end of  the service. Once 15 days is over then neither the seller nor the e-commerce sites are responsible for any service issues.
  • Every brand has minimum warranty period. Imagine buying a watch paying few thousand bugs and there is no one to address warranty issues. 
  • Let’s say your watch suddenly stopped working within a few weeks of use, and you want to replace it. Where can you go to fix it when there is no Warranty Address issued with the product?
  • So, before buying any branded watches online, first make sure who addresses warranty issues.

Cheap Quality Straps:

  • Our researchers say that the customers who have purchased watches online from Amazon, Flipkart, or Snapdeal most of the time have faced this similar situation. The watch strap is duplicate and cheap.
  • The leather strips off within a few days of use.
  • As for the metal-bracelet watches or metal straps, they are already rusted at the time of delivery.
  • Also, the metal straps are often delivered broken, and the colour of these straps fade away after a week or two of purchasing.
  • The customers have to replace the straps after a short period of time. Which is very unfair to the money you spend buying.

 Low-Quality Metals:

  • The metal used for these watches is of low quality or rather a duplicate one. Sometimes customer receives the rusty product by the time of delivery itself.
  • The watch metal even from a brand rusts within a few days of wearing.
  • Even the water-resistant watches have a poor quality of metal.
  • Dents are easily formed as they are very delicate because of the low-quality metal used.
  • They cannot even handle a light fall, and the watches break easily.

 Watch Stops Working In Few Days/Weeks:

  • The general problem faced by many is that the watch stops working after a few days of purchase.
  • This happens because the watches that are delivered are duplicate or replica copies of the original watches. You pay the price for the original one, and in return, you may receive a replica of a low-quality product.
  • Also, sometimes the needles are broken and cannot be fixed.
  • The battery provided is of a cheaper quality or replica copy.

 Dull/Low Finishing:

  • The watches have low finishing, which tends to the removal of the glass from metal.
  • Also, dull finishing gives a cue to enter external germs and fungus inside the watch.
  • People often receive watches unfinished, i.e., a needle is missing. What’s the point of wearing a watch with a missing needle? Value for money should be the priority for any dealers; otherwise, they are just fraudsters.
  • Sometimes the outer frame of Watches has full finishing, which leaves the watch vulnerable to catching rust.

However, it does not mean that you shouldn’t purchase watches online because of a few scams and fraudsters. We will direct you to the best site for buying online watches that provide original branded watches.

  1. From where should I buy watches online?

Let’s Take A Tour To-

The Best Site for Buying Online Watches

If you are looking to buy an original branded watch at affordable rates with an excellent customer care service, is the best site for buying online watches.

Shopwatches have 35+ years of experience in watch-sales offline and now have decided to Provide our Services all over India. We are a reliable watch distributing partner with 300+ showrooms all over India.

What Do We Offer?

Deliberate Customer Service & Easy Returns:

  • We offer deliberate customer delivery services with an easy return policy. We also have a replacement facility available with us.
  • Return or Replace your product within 15 days from the day of purchase.

We Are The First Distributor:

  • Shopwatches is The Direct/ First Distributor Of Brands Such As Sonata Watches/ Titan Watch/ Eager Watches/ Times Watch And Several Other Brands.
  • Being The Direct Distributors, We Hold A Lot Of Benefits As Well As Exciting Offers With Us.
  • Our site is always updated with the latest offers. So, people can go for the watches they had set their eyes on for a long time at an affordable cost.

We Guarantee you the Original Products:

  • Stopwatches Promise you the original product and no replica or duplicate products.
  • You can rely on us to receive the original products of Branded watches such as Titan, Sonata, Times, or Eager.
  • Even the latest and rare pieces (watches) are available with us.

Efficient Delivery Tracking & Instructing:

  • While shopping with us, you need not worry about receiving any wrong items.
  • Our Delivery Partner makes sure to deliver your product as soon as possible.
  • We guarantee the right product delivery that you have placed.
  • We understand your excitement, and so, we take proper care and precautions while packing the product so that you receive the order perfectly.
  • If you are an Office-Person or Businessman and usually away from home or aren’t sure if you’ll be at home on the delivery date, you can change the shipping address/ billing address or adjust the days and timings of your availability according to your comfort.

Good Customer Care Support:

  • Our priority is to provide you with the best products and services.
  • We hold a proper communication facility to our customers, from buying to the delivery time and even after that. Unless you are satisfied, we strive to help you out with all our means possible.
  • Be it any issue; you can totally rely on us for providing safe delivery and the perfect order at your doorstep.

We Issue Warranty Card along with the product:

  • We Provide Warranty Address Issued On The Time Of Purchase.
  • As we are the direct distributors, be it any problem with your watch, you can fix it up at your nearest showroom with the warranty card.
  • You won’t find this warranty card issued on Amazon or Flipkart, or any other sites.

Latest Offers and Exclusive Discount:

Branded watches are sure expensive than any local brands. But if you are craving for that one watch you have set your eyes on for a long time and currently out of budget, you can check out the precisely designed watches at a lower cost than in any showrooms or other online sites.

(This is one of the advantages we have of being the direct distributing partner of the brands.)

We Have A Variety Of Options Available In Both Luxurious & Fancy watches For Work Wear As Well As Occasional Wear.

So what you’re waiting for? This is the season to fall in love with luxurious & aesthetic watches.



TITAN WATCHES: Titan is one of the most trusted brands in India. They offer a huge variety and high-quality watches for Men & Women.

The excellence standard of Titan will make you crave for the latest arrivals.

SONATA WATCHES: Sonata, being a Tata Brand, these prestigious watches are very delightful, top-notch quality with amazing designs. Tata’s priority of providing the best quality at an affordable price can be acknowledged wearing these watches.

FASTRACK WATCHES: FastTrack is designed for performance enhancement and style fitness. It is a brilliant accessory that goes with all your style, be it your gym class, yoga tuitions, or jogger outfits. It’s dynamic performance and reliability is outstanding.

EAGER WATCHES: Eager is an exclusively designed, sophisticated watch with a dynamic performance. They redefine fashion with its astonishing outlook and quality.

TIMES WATCHES: Alongside Titan, Times Watch is the oldest brand, Internationally acknowledged and valued. They provide watches of brilliant quality and detailed finishing with an aesthetic style.

If you are a vintage lover, you must definitely go for Times Watch.




So if you are planning to gift a watch to your beloved ones, then you must have a look at the branded watches such as Titan Watches/ Sonata Watches/ Times Watches/ Eager Watches on our site at the best prices.


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  • Very shocking after reading this and my nearest watch store told same when I took Fossil watch to him bought on Flipkart recently. Original price but copy watch! Thanks for sharing this.


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